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Based on my live, signature seminar, I have created this unique online course that will take you further than you would imagine. The Personal Breakthrough Experience will help you re-awaken your enthusiasm for living. It is your KEY to unlocking the resources that you already have inside of you. At your own time and pace, from anywhere in the world, you will work on yourself, discovering your true passion and purpose. Get clear on your direction. Get clear on how to achieve your ultimate goals. Give yourself a massive reset in your life, come out of your old shell and allow the empowered, true you to emerge….

  • Looking for a sense of purpose and for a more inspiring career / life?

  • Wishing to change something in your life?

  • Seeking to increase your wealth?

  • Feeling lost and need to re-discover yourself?

  • Seeking to overcome stress, fear or anxiety?

  • Experiencing feelings of loss, sorrow or depression?

  • Wishing to move forward with your life again?

  • Seeking to build self-worth?

  • Interested in understanding how the human mind works?

If you said YES, to any of the above questions, then the Personal Breakthrough Experience is a must. Having it available at will, the online version of this workshop allows you to watch and re-watch the videos as many times as you wish. You will benefit from this resource years and years over, as each time you see it, you are guaranteed to get even more from each video.

Allow me to continue serving you, by “taking me home” and having me coach you on demand. You must be thinking now… “That’s all great Robert, but I’ve heard a similar promises before… what specifically am I getting here?”

Totally understood and here’s what you are getting:


A collection of vital knowledge, the core principles behind all my coaching work, a ground shaking information that will literally wake you up from your wonderful trance state of life (read: modern slavery), so that you can create new choices for yourself, as an awaken, conscious, intelligent human being.

  • Welcome – a quick introduction to the whole course

  • The Learning Curve – understand how we learn and what it takes to truly learn and change

  • Are You Coachable? – many people think that they are, but wouldn’t you like to be able to scientifically measure, how coachable you really are?

  • Balance Scale – the age old dilemma settled, should I do more thinking or taking more action?

  • Empowerment – what is empowerment really and how to instantly become an empowered human being

  • The Truth About Reality – reality demystified through science, how we create our own and what does that mean for you, what it takes to change yours…

  • Paradigm Shift – a true paradigm shift that will change everything for you

  • Our Reality Is Created Inside-Out – a true game changer, when you understand the science behind the actual seeing vs perceiving the reality around you

  • Perception Is Projection – closure for the previous few videos and the final layer that will truly change the way you perceive and relate to people in your life

  • Peak Performance vs Stress – scientifically explained the difference between swimming upstream and how to instead, get “into the zone” and align yourself with the flow of life

  • My Dominant Thinking Model – mind shattering video that will open a whole new world for you, as you’ll understand the hierarchy of our thinking models, levels of consciousness if you will, where we came from as humans and where are we evolving into, as thinking creatures. This video alone, will help you understand the people in your world much better, giving you that upper hand when it comes to effective communication, managing people, mutual understanding and infinite growth for you

  • Human Potential – a true, scientifically demonstrated experience of your body’s potential. I will take you through a process that will help you experience something to do with your own body, that you would definitely think is impossible to do. I’ll guide you to do it anyway and it will be an exercise that will ideally, forever change the way you see your own body, approach to your own healing and much, much more


This is a self-auditing module, designed to help you properly asses your current life and your conditioning, your current blueprint, according to which majority of your life results are created and maintained. I will help you elicit the facts, so that you know where you really are right now, which will help you design the desired future instead

  • My Needs – finally get the answer to the question “Why are you doing the things that you do?” Countless hours have been spent on therapy, to determine why is the patient producing certain self-destructive behaviors, why are they doing it? You’ll find the Why, behind any of your behaviors, which will open up a whole new range of options for you instantly

  • My Attitude – what is attitude and what is it’s role in your life? This is an exercise where you will get to find out what is your attitude towards life itself and its effects on your life.

  • My Memories – the experiences of your past vastly determine your present and thus your future choices in life. We all have memories that helped shaping us into the people that we are today. You’ll find out precisely which events, which memories have played the most important role in your life so far and what that has to do with your future

  • Decisions And Beliefs – we are constantly making decisions and we live by them. We also adopted a whole range of beliefs about ourselves and the world that we live in. This shapes your very own model of the world, your self image and pretty much everything else in your world, for you. This exercise will help you elicit your beliefs and hopefully, you will find some limiting ones that you’d want to change for yourself in the videos that follow. All beliefs are learned and I can help you change any limiting belief that you decide to change.

  • My Values – values are things that are important to us, which determines majority of our self initiated focus and attention. Knowing your real, unconscious values, is so liberating and empowering, that will set you free… as you get to realize how much of your life has been shaped by this filter of your psyche. Re-designing your values would provide a whole new direction in your life and one of the deepest changes you could immediately experience in your life.

  • My Drive – we all seem to be driven unconsciously by a one single question, which is constantly running at the back of your mind. This one question determines so much of your focus and the end results in your reality that it’s unbelievable! I will help you elicit yours, which will probably transform you profoundly!

  • The Wheel Of Life – there are many components in our lives, which are influencing us jointly. I will help you get a really good picture of what those areas are in your life and how they relate to one another, so that you can see clearly why your life is an easy… or a bumpy ride.

  • Goal Setting – goal setting has been described in too many books and courses and what I share with you in this video, is how to set goals that will actually happen. Learn the difference that makes all the difference when it comes to bringing your desires, from the thought plane to the physical reality plane. Doing this right, will propel your success rate manifold.

  • Heartfelt Wisdom Within – a quick exercise that will help you connect with your heart and allow some internal guidance that is often, much needed. “Listen to your heart” as a song… comes to my mind right now ;)

  • The Life Of My Dreams – many people struggle deeply with this one. They have an endless reasons and excuses of why they don’t have this worked out yet. From a variety of limitations and circumstances, all the way to the “I don’t know what I want” story. This exercise will certainly help you determine what specifically you would want in life and potentially… help you even discover your true “life’s purpose”… you know… you may even get an answer to that big old question of “What’s my purpose in life?” or “Why am I here?”

  • The Perfect Day – This is an exercise that I picked up on my journeys from a multi-millionaire. He taught me this process that would literally trick your mind and have it work in the background, on auto-pilot (read: effortlessly for you), creating exactly the reality and the results that you’d like to create for yourself.


This module is all about making the actual changes in your mind, re-wiring the old and un-serving programs, creating the change that is needed and aligned with your true desires, now that you know what you really want to have, or become. Get ready for some mind bending techniques that are so simple to do and get the desired results in minutes!

  • Module 3 Introduction – simple introduction for this module specifically

  • Changing Beliefs – detailed introduction and explanation of a process that will guide you into changing ANY limiting belief that you’d like to get rid of.

  • Belief Change Process - Forget about years of affirmations and re-wire your mind in just a few minutes, literally. Change the old, limiting belief into a new, desired one. Priceless!

  • Phurba Introduction – an introduction to this age old process that I picked up in Tibet of all places, designed to help you overcome any personal challenge, whether it may be an emotional issue, past burden, heartache or a real physical pain.

  • Phurba Process – easy to do, just a few minutes long process, that will help you free yourself for good, from just about any burden or issue in your life, instantly. Massive bold statement and yet I am absolutely good for it and confident that it will work for you too.

  • Keeping The Change – one thing is making a change and a whole something else… keeping the change. Science of keeping the change explained and specific instructions are given here.

  • Where to From Here? – a small farewell for now, for this workshop and a parting gift.


Bonus section for this workshop, where I share even more value, as a gift from my heart to yours

  • Anxiety Process – anxiety seems to be an issue in our society today, so I wanted to give you this process to free you from any anxious thoughts, at will. Priceless.

  • Forgiveness Process ­– words fail me to describe the true value of this process. You will be taken on a true journey of forgiveness and once and for all, free yourself from all that toxin, of holding a grudge and not letting it go. We both know it doesn’t do anything bad for the other person, you are only hurting yourself. I learned this from the people of Hawaii and it’s an extremely rare version of a Ho’opono’pono process, rarely ever shared. And it’s not endless repeating of the 4 phrases as some of you may already know. It’s an active process that you will do during the exercise and totally and fully free yourself, by truly letting it all go. In Hawaii they say “To forgive and not to forget… is not to forgive at all.” Join me for this priceless process and… heal yourself.

  • Personal Breakthrough Experience Workshop (uncut, uncensored, live event recording) – I just can’t believe you are still reading this text, as I’d imagine you are long gone and started with the actual course already! But hey, if you are still here, it means that this is that last thing that you needed to see and hear in your mind, before you make your investment… now, this last bonus is the actual live workshop, recorded on one of my events, where I teach from the stage and interact with the audience, do live demonstrations of above mentioned processes, etc… you could pretend to be in such workshop and enjoy the interaction, see me answer questions coming from the audience and experience the whole workshop in a whole different way.

Much like with all my other products, you have 30 days, no questions asked full money back guarantee. I am willing to take all the risk, knowing full well that you will absolute love this course. To place your order, just use the purchase button on this page.



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