Awakened Heart

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3 months of total, deep immersion into your own ability to heal yourself,

with no medications, nor chemicals.

Main topics/immediate benefits are:

  • Health (healing yourself, increasing your energy levels, boosting your immune system)

  • Longevity (how we age and how to reverse aging)

  • Well-being (Inner connection/peace, Internal alignment)

  • And a ton more, like overcoming stress, weight loss, deep intuition, improved sleep,

    phenomenal resilience, unlocking superhuman powers within you, etc…

Module 1 – Awakened Heart

I’ll show you scientifically what causes our cells to die and why eventually they cannot reproduce. I’ll also

show you that you have another brain in your body and what all that has to do with your heart and the

brain in your head. I’ll show you what happens when we get all these organs in harmony and I’ll teach

you how to do that for yourself and experience it within minutes. It’s an ancient technique, only recently

confirmed with our modern science and I’m super excited about it :))

Module 2 – Going Deeper

We’ll expand on the knowledge from Module 1 and I’ll “take you with me to Hawaii”. This age-old practice, deeply rooted in the wisdom of Hawaii’s shamans, is more than a breathing technique—it's a sacred ritual that integrates your breath with the life force itself. This module invites you to absorb this powerful tradition, learning to rhythmically inhale positivity and exhale negativity, fostering harmony between your mind, body, and the natural world.

As you master this practice, anticipate enhanced calmness, a surge in energy, and a strengthened immune system. Embrace the gentle, yet profound impact, which promises not just a moment of peace, but a lasting transformation, carrying the serenity of the Hawaii into your everyday life. Let me lead you to your personal paradise, where health and happiness are as boundless as the Pacific itself.

Module 3 – Deep Healing

By month 3, you’ll be ready for an even deeper dive, as we explore the center of your being and your

inner powers. We’ll dig deep into your autonomous nervous system and start affecting it, despite the

old scientific misunderstandings of how we have absolute no say in this matter.

Deep healing on a cellular level, and more control of your health than you ever dreamed possible – superhuman

powers and whole new levels of existence.



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